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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

river song is............... revealed in this post+ only 2 days to go

heyy viewers,

only 2 more days to dr who DAY OF THE MOON!


here is the truth about river song or is it!

i personaly think its not true and they wouldn't reveal it so soon and before episode 4 titled... the doctor's wife who isnt river song in the ep., its Idris aka (surrane jones!)

Has the real identity of River Song been revealed?

According to Timeboy, who has provided many reliable Doctor Who filming reports, a scene from the Series 6 finale indicates that River Song is, in fact, Amy’s daughter:

“In episode 13, we see a version of River from Series 5 wearing the clothes from the end of Flesh and Stone. Amy greets her and asks how she is. River says she’s just climbed out of the Byzantium. “It was so much fun, wasn’t it mother?” (paraphrased, not the actual line), she remarks.

“River says, “What’s rule one with the Doctor; he lies”. River says she does too, how it’s been so hard seeing Amy, Rory and the Doctor, and knowing who she really is (Amy’s daughter) but not being able to say. Curiously, she also says she recognised the astronaut in 1969 but had to stay quiet.”

After all the build-up, it seems a bit disappointing and obvious, as it’s been speculated by fans already.

Steven Moffat has also said he has written fake scenes to keep it a secret, so perhaps this is one of them? Only time will tell.


Timeboy has revealed more details on last night’s filming (big spoilers!)-

River Song appears, in camo gear, and Amy and her cross check their diaries. River says she’s just climbed out of the Byzantium, “you were so young, didn’t have a clue who I was,” she says to Amy. She asks Amy where she is in the timeline, and and she says the Doctor is dead and that she’s sad. Not just because of that, because she killed Madame Kovarian. River says it’s fine, it was in an aborted time-line, so never happened. But it still happened for Amy, she remembers it.

Amy longs to see her Doctor again, but she can’t, he’s dead. River then says “Oh mother, he isn’t dead, don’t you want to know what he whispered in my ear?” Amy assumes it was his name. River says no it wasn’t his name. Amy says that the Doctor said he was about to whisper his name to River, but he clearly didn’t. He whispered something to stop the astronaut killing him. River reminds Amy about rule number one. The Doctor lies. So do I, she says. River says her life is one giant spoiler. She’s had to keep it from Amy that she’s her daughter, and keep secret about the astronaut: she knew all along it was going to shoot the Doctor. So Amy pushes her to say what the Doctor whispered in her ear before he went off to America to get shot. River grins and says “that man, always thinking so far ahead”.

She did do enough to earn that pardon in Flesh and Stone, and sees Amy after she is released from Stormcage.

River Song is also married to the Doctor.

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