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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Doctor Who Episode Titles From Series 6 Part Two

Three episodes from the second half of Series 6 have been revealed and the synopsis for one of those three episodes. Episode 10 will be called The Blue Anchor, episode 11 The God Complex and then episode 12 will be called The Time Destructor.

The synopsis for 'The Time Destructor' is,

Omega returns to destroy the universe. He tried once but thanks to some tricky time tricks he failed. Now he's back and going by the name of Silence. Omega discovers that all the timelords are trapped in the Moment of Rassilon and plans to free them to enact his revenge.

The titles for episode for 10 and 11 are confirmed as official titles and episode 12 is yet TBC.

Thank you to Tom2000000000000 for the news.

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