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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Karen Gillan Talks to MTV Geek

Karen Gillan talks to MTV Geek telling them that Rory is the one for Amy,

"Rory is the one for Amy. She just didn't realize it at the time...Amy with the Doctor, what would that be like? She's just as mad as he is!"

Karen Gillan admits that there are moments between her and the Doctor (Matt Smith),

"She does love him in a way...but more than in a romantic way. There's a really deep connection between two people that's hard to define. Because sometimes they're like brother and sister, and sometimes she might hit on him...and sometimes she acts like his mum, and he's a child, and vice-versa. There's so many layers to their relationship, and it's quite undefinable...but we're going to see it defined in the new series, definitely."

She also gives us a preview of what is going to happen this season,

"...something's going to happen to do with the marriage (between Amy and Rory) that's going to change the course of everything in this series, and it's going to get very dark..."

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