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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Doctor Who Team Talk About the Silence

Steven Moffat talks about the Silence and what he thinks about them and where they got their idea from to create them.

"If I’d seen them when I watched TV as a boy, I’d have had to peep through my fingers. They are going to become as iconic as the Doctor’s most enduring foes, the Daleks, and even more dangerous and harder to exterminate. . . .

"They are pretty repulsive, but it’s their history that will really chill people. They could turn up anywhere and everywhere, and they’ve been undermining and controlling us for thousands of years but we don’t realise it."

But how has this effect been so effectively executed?

Their look has been carefully created for maximum scare-factor, with dark suits, white shirts and black ties made by Doctor Who costume designer Barbara Kidd. The suits, in particular, are a nod to the Men In Black movies, which starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as smartly attired U.S. Government agents fighting alien invaders.

The Silence’s hands and heads — created by Neill Gorton, principal designer at Millennium Effects, the company which make all the Doctor Who monsters — are the only features that
betray the fact they are aliens. Made from Latex foam, the hands are bony-white and crumpled, while the triangular faces have no mouths, but human eyes sunk deep into the skull with traces of ears and a nose.

Steven Moffat said that he thinks the history of the silence will make people more involved.

"Humans will have been subconsciously aware of The Silence for many centuries, and that awareness will have manifested itself in paintings such as The Scream."

There was also asked how to you make such simple creatures be feared by everyone so much?
"Doctor Who has the ability to play upon people’s fears, often carried from childhood. What made that sound under the bed, that shadow at the back of a cupboard, that sound on the floorboards at night?"

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